Corruption and influence peddling caused Lincoln Diaz Balart’s resign to the Congress in 2010.

Miami. The resign of our former representative Lincoln Díaz Balart to his place in the Federal Congress in 2010, arose lots of suspicions and theories in Miami. Facing the great amount of speculations in this respect circulating on 8th Street, we gave ourselves to the task of investigating the true reasons and stories about this surprising exit until finding out the truth, which was hiding under the rug and reluctant to be exposed.

Lincoln’s resign had nothing to do with his affairs and illegitimate children with Ana Carbonell and the famous presenter of “TV Martí” Karen Caballero, or his interest of working in the private sector as a lawyer, or being entirely devoted to fight against Castro’s dictatorship, neither with his supposed illnesses and much less with giving his space in the Congress to his brother Mario Diaz Balart. The truth about his resign as a Federal Representative in 2010, we found it in the town of Medley, in a contractor enterprise linked to the Military Industry called “Mark Two Engineering” (MTE). 

The MTE, established since the 90´s and with approximately 100 employees is sited in Medley, a small industrial municipality located between Okeechobee Roadand the Palmetto Expressway, to the west of Hialeah. Among the clients of their sophisticated military accessories we can find not only The Army, but also the NASA and the Defense Advanced Reserch Projects Agency (DARPA).  MTE also worked with the NASA to develop a small “oven” for the vehicle Mars Rover that will be used to detect signs of life.

It turns out that from his position in the Congress, Lincoln Díaz Balart had accomplished to arrange a new and lucrative contract for the MTE, regarding the production of a highly sophisticated component of the well-known autonomous espionage airplane “Predator”. Taking advantage of this profitable circumstance,Lincolndemanded to the MTE’s directive to slip his wife, Cristina Diaz Balart, into the company’s payroll with a salary of $200 thousand a year. At that time Cristina was unemployed because she had lost her job in the Masferrer’s bank due to she got involved in a millionaire scandal with Spanish investors.

Owing to this fraud Lincoln Diaz Balart lost his position in the Congress, as it was revealed to us by Miguel Otero, personal assistant  of his brother Mario, who is also a Congress member forFlorida, and who also confirmed the version given to this blog by an anonymous source inside the MTE.

Otero added that the place at MTE taken over by Cristina was originally assigned to a retired general, whose legal representatives presented an emphatic reclamation to a Congressional committee inWashingtonDC. This committee assented to the reclamation and analyzed the subject behind closed doors.Lincolnwas informed later that there was probable cause for a big scandal concerning corruption and traffic of influences. Since Cristina already appeared in MTE’s payroll,Lincolncouldn’t deny the accusation so he negotiated for himself a graceful way out that didn’t affect his political party in a year of congressional elections.

His opponent was a heavy weight of one of the most powerful lobbies in the country, therefore the Republican Party couldn’t afford, in that moment, to take the risk of engaging in a fight in the Ethics’ Committee on behalf of a mediocre and evidently declining politician.

The association between Lincoln Díaz Balart and the MTE go back to 2001. Since then he has succeeded to obtain  millions of dollars in federal funds for the benefit of this defense contractor group from Miami-Dade, which in “gratitude”,  has historically contributed with dozens of thousands of dollars to support his and his brother political campaigns.

Chronology: Lincoln Díaz-Balart and the contractors of Medley 


2001 – LocustUSAobtained the first defense contract for $69,974 thausands. In November, Enrique Enríquez, William Box and other shareholders of Locust/Mark Two Engineering, began to donate thousands to Lincoln Díaz-Balart.

2002 – Locust obtained $4.2 millions in defense contracts. August 19th, Enríquez wrote a letter to the Miami Herald, giving credit to Díaz-Balart for having helped to get “ millions of dollars of the Congress to speed up our development ”.

2003 – Locust received a monetary assignment from the Congress in the bill of defense of  2004, sponsored by the Díaz-Balart himself. It was supposed that the funds were to develop heavy fuel engines for air vehicles (UAVs).

2004 – Locust received a financial assignment of $3 millions in the bill of assignments for defense in 2005, sponsored by Díaz-Balart. The purpose of the funds was the same one.

2005 – LocustUSAreceived $3.7 millions as part of the defense bill sponsored by Díaz-Balart. The funds were  to develop heavy fuel engines for the UAVs.

2006 – Mark Two Engineering hired the lobbyist Cecelia Grimes and paid $20,000 to her company so that she negotiated contracts in the Camera of Representatives.

2007 – At the end of December, Enríquez contributed with $4,000 to Mario and Lincoln Díaz-Balart and their combined committee of collections, DB Victory 2008.

2008 – On March 18th, Lincoln Díaz-Balart requested to the Committee of Assignments of the Low Camera another special assignment for Locust. Three days later, Enriquez contributed with $2,500 to DB Victory 2008.

March 31, Enríquez contributed with $1,250 to Lincoln and Mario Díaz-Balart separately. In September, LocustUSAreceived part of a special assignment of $2 millions, sponsored byLincoln.

  • Locus / Mark Two Engeeniering have obtained between 2001 and 2007 $20.8 million dollars by the concept of investigation and development contracts with the Pentagon. At least 44%, $9.2 millions, thanks toLincoln’s legislative efforts in the Congress.
  • Between the years 2003 and 2006Lincoln’s campaign was financed with $41.000 dollars from Mark Two Engeeniering through the PAC Democracy Believer. The total amount of the contributions to the former Congress member since 2000 rises to $192.000 dollars.

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Un periodista FreeLance en busca de la verdad en Miami. La corrupción en esta ciudad no puede superarnos. Hemos vivido momentos terribles con los brazos cruzados y el silencio como justificación. Mi querida Miami, capital de todos los latinos, alza tu voz.

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