Iran contributed to the senatorial campaign of Marco Rubio.

Miami. Year 2011 hasn’t been satisfactory for the presidential image meant to be projected on the rookie senator from the state of Florida Marco Rubio. Many press articles have revealed his true essence as a policy man: from the rearrangement of his family history, in order to be “up to date” with the Cuban community; until his most recent scandal with the prestigious chain of news Univision, which through its news reports linked Rubio’s family to the drug traffic.

However, a new scandal involving “the boy of hope” lies under the rug and it hasn’t been able to reach the surface in the media. It will hardly find its way to the top, since it deals with complex topics, whose main characters, which remain untouchable, belong to the Stablishment of this great nation.

It turns out that a great amount of the founds used by Marco Rubio in his run for the Senate, were earned as a result of illegal businesses carried out by the multinational Koch  Industries, INC. and the main enemy of United States of America: the Iranian regime.

Koch Industries, INC. located in Kansas is a monopoly devoted mainly to the oil, petrochemical and paper industry; founded by the millionaire brothers David and Charles Koch. Their businesses have taken them to the fifth rank among the richest men in EEUU, so they are founders and financial engine of the ultraconservative movement Tea Party.

In 2008 they financially supported John McCain’s presidential campaign and now days they vigorously impel Mitt Romney’s, the candidate who seeks to take Rubio to the vice-presidency. David and Charles were the main financial architects of Marco Rubio’s senatorial campaign, in which they deposit their biggest hopes to medium and long term.

Support to Rubio is total; the breakdown of his finances shows as Koch  Industries manages to evade legal obstacles to finance the Cuban-American Senator from diverse sectors and organizations. Most of Marco Rubio’s contributors are bound personally or professionally to this monopoly.

A recent investigation uncovered in France revealed that the Koch  brothers have been carrying out millionaire illegal businesses with Iran through their subsidiaries located in Germany (Koch -Glitsch) and Italy, in clear violation of the embargo imposed by United States to that Arab nation. From 2007 they have sold equipment to the Iranian state company NATIONAL IRANIAN PETROCHEMICAL CO, as it was revealed by the Bloomberg newspaper on October the third, 2011.

On May the thirty first, 2004, Koch -Glitsch signed a contract for 1.2 million eurus to further the expansion of Zagros´s petrochemical plant in Iran, a factory designed by Persian and German engineers. Without being still enough, the office of Koch -Glitsch in Italy, found another juicy contract with its Iranian counterparts: the expansion of the of Abadan´s refinery, the biggest in the country.

Senator Rubio, as good republican, demands to Obama’s government and the international community to take strong measures against the Iranian regime. However, in an illegal way, his political career has been financially supported by millionaire sums coming from the Persian country. In an opportunist way he uses his political rhetoric to project an image which intends to hide his awkward realities. This time he won’t use the rearrangement of his family history, neither his youth as an excuse to hide his new scandal, an accomplice silence will be his best choice.

Marco Rubio´s main sponsors in 2010.


  • Club for Growth

This organization is bounded to Koch Industries since 1999. Howard Rich, one of its CEOs is also the principal of CATO Institute, an institution initially founded with David Koch’s money, who still is one of its managers.


  • Elliott Management.

A Company founded by Paul Singer, a banker who manages the  Manhattan Institute, a think-tank attached to the Koch  Family Foundation.

  • The Senate Conservatives Fund.

Foundation created by Senator Jim DeMint, who has been one of the main sponsors of Koch family. DeMint got in 2009 the DAVID KOCH AWARD as a reward for his defence of the American Dream. Koch Industries is one of the major contributors of SENATE CONSERVATIVES FUND PAC.

  • Flo-Sun, Inc

It’s a real estate and sugar company that belongs to the Fanjul family in Florida. The Fanjul and the Koch families are very close. In 2009 David Koch and his wife visited the Dominican Republic for they were invited to Christina Fanjul´s marriage.

  • Koch  Industries.

Marco Rubio was the major receiver of Koch Industries contributions during the senatorial campaign of 2010.


Other Rubio´s relationships with Koch  Industries 

 CESAR CONDA: Marco Rubio´s chief of staff, is the CEO of ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE INSTITUTION, a think-tank founded by Koch  Industries.


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